Bash’s geared traction passenger elevators are ideal for applications that require a combination of rapid speed, high travel, and heavy lifting capacity—such as high rise residential buildings, office towers, hospitals, universities and colleges.

The heart of the Bash traction elevator is the geared machine, located either in a rooftop penthouse or in a basement machine room when a penthouse location is not available. Geared technology combines a smooth, quiet ride, accurate levelling, and energy efficiency through the use of counterweights.    Modern traction elevators use a variable voltage, variable frequency (VVVF) drive to improve ride quality and reduce energy consumption.

Bash uses proven components throughout its Traction Elevator design:

  • The Micro processor  is designed by Bash. It is reliable, upgradeable, easily serviced, and fully supported for all maintaining contractors.
  • The Bash entrance system and applied cab finishes come standard on our traction elevators. They are designed and manufactured in-house and have been fully tested to meet all customer requirements.


  • Microprocessor-based dispatching and state-of-the-art VVVF AC motor control.
  • Simplex or Group Elevator Operation
  • Safety features include infra-red door curtain, emergency cab lighting, emergency phone, rope gripper


The geared machine is the heart of a traction elevator